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Brezie is the world’s first and largest network of peer-to-peer medical emergencies help app to enable quick and timely response from a peer when someone is in any medical emergency situation. Brezie provides accurate and real-time information about medical services including access to nearest emergency health care service providers, pharmacies and medical consultants.

Medical emergencies happen only once in a while, but the way we react to them makes all the difference. The first step to manage any medical crisis is information about occurrence of a crisis. Statistics suggest that most cases of medical emergencies provide the patient with about one hour of time to get medical assistance. Brezie is working across the globe to save lives during medical emergencies using a two pronged approach.

When a situation occurs, the only thing that a patient needs to do is tap an “Emergency Here” button on Brezie app.

As soon as this button is clicked, Brezie app alerts pre-identified contacts and sends a notification to all other Brezie Angels who are within a particular distance from the patient with medical situation. Brezie Angels are volunteers like you and me who have signed up to help every time it is possible and then do their best to connect with the patient and ensure the patient receives timely medical assistance.

Would you volunteer to save a life?

Download the Brezie App today and register for free as a Brezie Angel. We will ask for your help only when there is a medical situation near you. We are sure you’ll be proud of yourself for this!

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